Posted on: March 3, 2008 8:40 pm
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Bill Cosby Was Right

How is it that an 8 year old can remember to tell you that they have a dress down day at school (our school system has a dress code) everyday for 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT, but when it comes down to taking their recorder (elementry school instrument of the devil) to school to reherse at music class they wait until they are getting out of the car AT SCHOOL to tell you "I forgot my recorder at home!!"?

Seriously, BRAIN DAMAGE!!

I hope all of you have seen the video "Bill Cosby-Himself" (if you haven't, go out and buy it IMMEDIATELY). In it he talks alot about his kids and being a parent. Example

Dad gets a new kitchen appliance and tels the kids not to touch it. Inevitably, one of them does and breaks it and when dad asks if they knew the rules "uh huh", then asks if they knew they weren't supposed to touch it "uh huh", then asks why they touched it "i don't know!"

Even better when you catch them and get anry they have the gaul to act surprised.

My 5 year old likes to put things down the heater vent that is unfortunitely next to her bed. She's been told NUMEROUS timies to leave it alone and not put things down it. The other night my wife and I hear a loud scratching sound coming frm the heater duct and then a thud. She managed to get a little book in there. When I went upsatairs and into her room to scold her she's pretending to be asleep. 5 YEARS OLD!!!. I ask her why she did it and I get a fake yawn and a "what are you talking about?" look. She even tried telling me she didn't remember what we've said about playing with the vent....

Cosby was right... Brain Damamge.

Posted on: February 19, 2008 8:25 am

Karma's A B!$@# !!!

I'm not unreasonable. I know how things work in the real world. All college programs have some skeleton's  their closet...smewhere. Whether it's flat out rule breaking, or a bad kid, it happens. That's life.

But now, after ALLLLLLLLL the crap OSU football and it's fans have gotten, the pendulum has swung the other way.

Say goodbye to your starting QB, LSU. CBSSportsline reports

"LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux was suspended indefinitely for an unspecified violation of team rules, leaving his status unclear for the start of spring practice Feb. 29. "

While he could be back by the first game of the year, whenever you here "indefinitely", it's never good.

I write this today to remind ALLLLLLLL the LSU fans that were ripping us OSU fans and making the jokes that we can't win the big game, and shouldn't be there, that tomorrow, it can be your team under the bus. I'm not perfect. Believe me, I'm enjoying Michigan's lack of victories over the "Sweater" more than anyone, but see this as Karma for the "Skunk Bears" after their arrogance during the Cooper years (I can't believe I actually typed his name!). I lived through too many 7-11 jokes to count, and you Michigan fans know EXACTLY what that means.

It's unfortunate for any program to have to go through this. I even feel for the kids playing basketball at Indiana. They are the losers in that situation. The AD and anyone else who hired the coach there should have known better than to hire a guy who had ALREADY had recruiting violations.

Bottom line, time to eat some crow, LSU. Maybe next time you guys will be a little more gracious in your wins.

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Posted on: January 29, 2008 4:25 pm
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This one is for the Cowboy fans!!!

I don't care who you cheer for...this is HILARIOUS!!!

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Shake an EMT's hand today...

I came into work tonight (for those of you who don't know, I work as an EMT for a private transport company owned by a local Medical Corp.) to find out that an EMT was killed in Michigan today (just up the road from my area). Apparently her and her partner had stopped on the highway to see if a car that was run off the road needed help (there's been alot of snow in our area lately) and was hit by a car that couldn't stop or swerve out of the way in the icy conditions. 23yrs old... she made it about 2 hrs after the accident.

Working for the privates may not be as glamorous as working for a fire department (though some privates do primary response as in this case) but it's still dangerous to be out in the elements at an accident on an expressway in snow and ice with cars flying by at 60 or 70 miles an hour.

If you know any EMT-B's or Medics, whether they work for a fire department or not, shake thire hand and say thanks... they're not in dangerous situations everyday...but they may be taking your 80 year old mom, dad, or grandparent back home from the hospital and have you loved-one's care and well-being in their hands for a few hours. Tell them their hard-work is greatly appreciated...

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Posted on: January 21, 2008 12:21 pm

I guess I'll start this...

I've been thinking about strting this for awhile and finally said "What the heck. Just start writing and see what happens". So here goes...

I'm all for ribbing the fans of your rivals when they lose (to a certain extent), but why is it that when you give it back, they jump on the whole "uhhhhh, can't you come up with soething better...that was so long ago..."

Yah get some crap from Michigan fans about Illinois and LSU, then throw App. State at 'em and they act like you're raching for scraps and could do better. Last time I checked it was all in the same season.

Here's one for you, Wolverine fans...the next time you get tired of hearing about APp. State, ask yourself when the last time you brought up Woody sluggin that kid on the about finding something new to rip on, GEEZ!!!

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